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1. Healthy Immune System

Copper improves physiological balance and strengthens the body. It purifies the blood, triggers the formation of haemoglobin and boosts blood circulation in the body. It also protects the body from the ill-effects of other highly toxic metals that come in contact with the body.

2. Revitalizes the Heart

Copper rings keep the heart healthy and prevent heart attacks and other heart-related issues.

3. Maintains Blood Pressure

A copper ring controls blood pressure and keeps problems related to either low or high blood pressure at bay. A person wearing a copper ring will start to have a more steady blood pressure than before.

4. Improves Skin Health

It keeps the skin healthy and prevents common skin diseases and ailments.

5. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Copper helps crosslink collagen, elastin and fibres in the body. These elastin fibres cover the aorta and surrounding regions. Copper, thus, strengthens these fibres and prevents acute aortic aneurysms.

6. Strengthens the Bones

The copper pain relief bracelet is popular among people who suffer from various bone and joint-related issues. A copper ring/bracelet is known to cure joint pain and arthritis. It heals and strengthens the bones and cures bone-related diseases and illnesses. It relaxes the joints and also relieves chronic co

7. Improves Skin Health

It keeps the skin healthy and prevents common skin diseases and ailments.

8. Reduces Swelling

A copper ring can reduce swelling in various parts of the body like the hands, fingers, legs, etc.

9. Heals the Stomach

It is known to work wonders for most stomach-related issues. It also prevents acidity and ea

10. Throat Diseases

It keeps the throat healthy and prevents and cures throat-related issues like cough.

11. Makes the Nails Strong

It fights all nail-related problems and keeps you

*  High-Quality Pure Brass
*  Three Tone
*  Bangle Cuff
*  One Size Fits All
*  1 1/4″ Wide
*  6 3/5″ Length’
*   Unisex- For Men or Women

You can pay as you are comfortable

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