Fragrance Oil 100% Pure Scented Aroma Oils For Burner Warmer

Fragrance Oil Benefits

  • If you’re looking for the calming effect that scent offers, then these oils can be a cheaper option.
  • Products made of fragrance oils are usually more affordable.
  • Since they’re synthetically produced, fragrance oils can mimic any scent possible.
  • Fragrance oil scents stay on for a while and don’t evaporate so quickly.
  • They have a longer shelf life.


Fragrances For Incense & Burning Oils

Unscented charcoal or wooden incense sticks can be dipped into the incense oil to absorb the incense oil onto the incense stick. On burning, the incense sticks will give an aroma of the incense oil.

For use in candle light diffusers, first please put a layer of water on the top of the diffuser. A few drops of the oil are then to be added to the water. As the water heats up, the oil will warm up and diffuse in the air spreading the fragrance. Putting water first prevents the oil from being heated directly and may prevent a burnt odor. The oils should not be put directly onto the flame. The oil should not come in contact with open flame.



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